Monday, February 10, 2020

A full e-marketing report (including a plan for future activities) for Essay - 3

A full e-marketing report (including a plan for future activities) for The in thing - Essay Example The business is organized as a strategic business unit, one such strategic business unit is serving the households (being a Business to Customer business), while the other strategic business unit is acting as a distributor to other retailers and specialty stores (Business to Business). Both the business units differentiate themselves from their competitors through a very efficient order delivery system. To augment this are feature of the business are services like: informing retailers about the most in demand toy brand, allowing them to make advance order with charging them, not even in the case of cancellation of booking. Both the business units are organized in a way that allows them to be nimble and flexible in this volatile and uncertain marketplace. This marketing plan is being developed to increase the company’s customer base through analyzing the current discrepancies in the e-marketing mix of the company and suggesting the tools based on the assumption that they would be apt for this form of the business. Not only are the suggestions focused on adding new marking tools in the mix but also are aimed at removing redundant and obsolete market channels for the mix. The aim is to utilize every ounce of a marketing channels potential. Utilization in this context depends upon the number of customers the website is able to attract and more importantly retain. Retention is actually the real objective as it would lead to the creation of brand equity and brand loyalty. In this plan the company has been recommended to outsource its in-house website development and maintenance function, and focus on its core competencies. The company for which this marketing plan is being made is â€Å"The in Thing†. This business was founded in the year 2007, and is a private enterprise. The company operates in Accrington, Lancashire, United Kingdom with 25 employees. It has a strategic business unit by the name of â€Å"I want I want†, this business unit

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